PawShower As Seen On TV

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Spray Bottle
In order to use this device, you’ll always be spraying it, so you won’t need to worry about pouring out just the right amount of water without spilling it everywhere. Therefore, you’ll be able to avoid wasting water or accidentally soaking your car or clothing.

Gentle, Flexible Head
The bristles of each device work gently, and are flexible in nature, so they won’t scratch any part of your dog’s paws, nor will they cause the dog any pain. They also won’t absorb odors from the dirt they pick up, so if you rinse them after each cleaning session, they’ll smell completely fresh for the next one.

Compact and Portable
This grooming tool isn’t much larger than the standard water bottles that humans use, so almost anyone will be able to carry it without a struggle. It won’t take up a lot of space in your home or vehicle, either.

Gently Wash Your Pet’s Paws – Effectively Get Rid of Dirt & Grime

Adjustable Water Pressure

Paw Shower’s uniquely-better-operated paw cleaner features a nozzle that enables two spray settings while the motor provides continuous and consistent spray pressure. Adjust the spray for a gentle wash or a burst to dislodge stubborn mud and debris.



Soft Bristle for a Deep Cleaning

The soft silicon bristles on the head allows for spraying and scrubbing in one motion and goes down deep to gently cleanse your pet’s paws, nails and tender pads. The brush is hygienic, has a natural elasticity, and does not wear, tear or absorb smells!



Compact & Portable

No matter where you and your pet go, the Paw Shower can be there for the messy moments. Paw Shower is battery operated, lightweight, and can be filled with up to 1L of water. Take it on the road or leave it out by your door to make sure that your car, house and pet stay perfectly clean!




No More Destroyed Floors, Clothes, or Furniture!

  • Cleans paws no matter what condition they’re in
  • Continuous and consistent spray pressure
  • Spray and scrub in one smooth motion
  • Compact, batter powered
  • Portable, quick and effective cleaning
  • Soft & scratch free to gently clean paws


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