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Laser Gloves – Experience A Bright & Colorful Light Show Like Never Before!

Have you ever been awestruck by a trippy laser show at a party? Want to create your own light show to surprise everyone? Our Laser Gloves welcomes you to a new kind of light show. Now you can replicate the experience anywhere you go!

Laser Gloves Helps To Create An Explosive Flash Of Color So That You Can Create Your Own Unique Light Show


  • EXCEPTIONAL PARTY ACCESSORY: These rave gloves are the evolution of a makeshift accessory that has been used by club performers for decades. It’s basically 4 high-powered laser pointers mounted on each fingerless gloves, emitting colorful rays of light that captivate the attention of every single person in the room. Take them to a rave, house party, or any kind of event with a dimly lit room and a bunch of bored bystanders to turn it into an EDM festival with you as the main feature act.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: These laser gloves are made of high-quality material which is comfortable to wear. The gloves are cross-stitched and durable with Velcro belts ensuring a snug fit for all sizes of hands. A lightweight yet powerful laser gloves to create a bright and colorful performance at a party, concert, etc.
  • CHARGE & PLAY: Avoid carrying any bulky batteries. To charge the rave gloves, simply unplug the battery connector, attached to the DC charging port and plug into any wall outlet. These laser gloves feature a Lithium Ion battery, works for 2 hours. One touch activated power button is conveniently located in the rave gloves.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x  LED finger Gloves Laser lights
  • 1 x  Power adapter

Green, Red, Green Cannon


Left Hand, Right Hand


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