360 camera 4K Panoramic Camera Built in WI-FI

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  • The best camera with 4K quality for the price
  • Makes your Facebook or YouTube videos a virtual reality or 360-degree view WOW!
  • 32 GB memory can shoot up to 3 hours of High-Quality pictures!

The 360° 4k camera, the one that captures life in all angles, is finally available for purchase. The 16-megapixel sensor increases resolution to 2448 x 2448 pixels. With 2hr battery life and up to 32GB of memory, it can store up to three hours of footage. The camera also has a Waterproof Case (underwater 30m standard), Bicycle Bracket, and 2 Helmet Bases for recording your outdoor activities!

THE WORLD’S SMARTEST 360° 4K CAMERA. The 360° Ultra HD 4k Panoramic Camera is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It captures things even the human can’t see because it’s constantly taking video in 360° degree horizontal by 240° degree vertical – which makes it the widest viewing camera in the world. You can carry it, or mount it to tripods, helmets, or a bunch of other mounts. It’s also waterproof for up to 30 meters in case you want to take panoramas under the sea. What does that mean for you? If you’re using Android or iOS you can share an interactive 360° degree experience for you and all your friends. From first steps to epic bike trips, and arctic explorations to urban safaris, this camera has you covered!

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Unlike other 360° cameras and VR cameras, this 360° Ultra HD 4k Panoramic Camera does it all with one lens, requires no complicated software and has no image seaming or stitching that can interfere with the action. It comes with everything you need to start capturing and sharing all of life in incredibly rich detail with ease!
Officially Licensed Product.
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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RAY K: a close up of a sign

360 camera 4K Panoramic Camera Built in WI-FI

Excellent camera, very easy to use and very wide (panoramic) angle of view.
High-quality image with 30 frames and 60 frames per second video recording rates to capture everything.
High quality fully waterproof camera enclosure with sealed buttons for heavy rain or underwater use.
Uses convenient micro SD card memory storage for fast transfers and use on the go.
It has a light-up status screen with a user interface that is very easy to learn and use.
It also has a simple status indicator light so you know what the camera is doing at all times.
Comes with nice quality, durable storage case for camera and accessories with a variety of mounting hardware options.
Excellent for action sports like skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, biking, hiking, motorcycle, and automobile driving and racing and just about anything else you would like to record. Additionally, the wifi app is PHENOMENAL, giving a great many incredible viewing options as well a options to remotely control the device as well as watch and record or even take pictures from many many angles without moving the device whatsoever, it’s truly incredible!
Anna: a close up of a sign
360 camera 4K Panoramic Camera Built in WI-FI
Love this: works perfect for shooting my English bulldog riding his longboard down the street or as a security camera
Drake Somwell  a close up of a sign
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This 360 panoramic camera meets all my expectations and yet some. I love that its small and light weight and also has a ton of features you would expect in a full action sports camera. the 360-degree camera is the new trend right now and this is an excellent camera to get you started without breaking the bank. With this camera, you can take pictures and video in 360. The fisheye lens lets you film 360 degrees horizontally and 230 degrees vertically. The camera has its own wifi and can be used with Android, IOS and PC. The camera is 16 mp 4K and HD. There are settings for different resolutions, exposure, white balance and such. The image quality is fair to good with both pictures and videos. This camera also can be used with VR goggles. Also included is a water proof case that can be used in depths up to 30m (90ft). Using the camera is fairly easy and all your buttons are easily accessed on the camera.


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